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Easier Wireframe

All codes in AngularJS are neatly written to enable further change of components by AngularJS developers at will.

Instantly Testable

AngularJS frameworks are testable. Since it comes with pre-stocked mocks, it offers complete scenario runner.

Relatively Simpler Coding

As it has built in backends using third party libraries, top AngularJS developers tweak the same well to their favor.

Large Community Support

Built-in support for AJAX, HTTP and Observables and a wide network of developers make it a strong community.

Why is AngularJS used?

Besides being Open-source and developed by Google, AngularJS remains a preferred JavaScript framework because of its ability to create interactive elements for single-page applications. Easier coding and testability remain benefits of hiring AngularJS developers. Applications using AngularJS include Amazon, Paypal, Gmail, Udemy, Netflix and Snapchat among many others. Hire Angular developers to create a frontend that leaves a meaningful interaction for your customers and attracts many more.

Frontend developers who have worked with CCS, HTML and JavaScript find AngularJS an easier framework to learn and work with. It is also a quick responsive framework that reflects any changes made in code onto the screen instantly. Thus, works on a two-way binding feature.
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    Hire Expert AngularJS Developers

    AngularJS works perfectly for single page applications (SPAs) since they need faster web transition and require to work on every platform while providing seamless user experience and easier maintenance. Thus, hiring expert Angular developer helps you take your business to the next level.

    Why Hire AngularJS Developers

    • Has great intuitiveness and scalability
    • Quickly shows changes from code to UI
    • Enables MVC to string automatically

    AngularJS vs ReactJS

    Whether to use AngularJS or ReactJS is a question every frontend developer has faced every now and then. While both are open-source frameworks for frontend development of single page applications, Angular is back by Google while React was developed by Facebook. As a structural framework, AngularJS is preferred to develop dynamic web apps. React, on the other hand, allows you to build UI components being a JavaScript library itself. AngularJS uses MVC (Model View Controller) and is a typescript while React works on Virtual DOM and is based on JavaScript. When it comes to source code, Angular doesn’t let your frontend developer add to JavaScript library while React does. And lastly, where ReactJS requires various set of tools to perform specific tests, AngularJS uses a single tool that provides instant testing and debugging for your complete project. Therefore, the decision web developers take with respect to these two frameworks is usually a personal opinion and never a clear indicator of which framework is better.