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How remote work differs from freelancing

How remote work differs from freelancing

How to search for employees remotely

How to search for employees remotely

Remote work: what is it and what is the activity

Remote work: what is it and what is the activity

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How to hire remote staff

Remote work is the future, industry leaders have already spoken about this: Virgin CEO Richard Branson , Internet queen Mary Meeker, and Upwork freelance exchange head Stephen Kasriel . Those who will not be able to rebuild and work according to the new rules will face problems with a shortage of specialists, scaling and large expenditures on maintaining jobs.

Far less distractions. Going out for a smoke for half an hour, disappearing for the whole lunch and going to talk in the break room – these are the features of teamwork. The more people work in the office, the more social connections that interfere with the work process.


The telecommuter values ​​their time because they get paid for the work they do. A person can independently assess their strengths and allocate time so that the work is done on time.


You can also hire a freelancer for a specific project. Here you need to understand that it is in his interests to finish the job faster and better in order to get money and cooperate in the future. It makes no sense for freelancers to stretch the project, because they do not receive a fixed salary, they are paid for a specific result.

You can reduce the cost of maintaining an office and workplace – you do not need a desktop, a computer and those cookies with tea.


The more employees work remotely, the less office you need, which will also help you save money. Even with an increase in the company’s staff, you do not have to move to a new larger office every time.

Right, and remotely, you have a wide range of choices – from beginners to industry leaders. A remote employee can work from another city or country, which greatly increases the chances of hiring a cool specialist.

Not everyone works from home. There are coworking spaces, public spaces and libraries where anyone can work in a pleasant atmosphere.


If we talk about laziness, then this is a simple name for more complex processes . People subconsciously resist doing what is contrary to their foundations, or they cannot understand the goals, so this does not apply only to specialists at a distance.


Any employee of the company, remote or office, must understand what and why he is doing. Discuss current projects with the team and answer their questions to increase overall productivity.

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